SDI Remote

Remote control for Black Magic cameras. Based on SDI Shield for Arduino released by BlackMagic Design, SDI Remote is remote control unit (RCU) for television cameras sold by Black Magic Design.  With SDI Remote you can control 40 different camera settings. Zoom, focus, aperture… but most important are 24 colour correction settings Color Lift, Color Gamma, Color Gain, Color offset – all in four channels – Red, Green Blue and Luma. Contrast (pivot and adjustment), Color hue and saturation. SDI Remote works as Follow Focus, Follow Aperture, and Follow Zoom (follow zoom only with Power-Zoom lenses). In Fab Lab I had pleasure to develop professional looking enclosure for my prototype using CNC cutter and laser cutter. It changed from lunchbox project into proffesional looking prototype. In next iteration I am planning to change gauge design and led ring.


Now I am developing sequencer functionality - quick presentation on youtube video.

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