April 21, 2013

FabJam / OuiShare Fest


are you ready for a creative fab-sprint?

Join us for the first one-day event that brings together fabspaces from all over the world on May 4th.


FabJam is organised together with OuiShare and will be happening in parallel to the OuiShare Fest taking place in Paris .

OuiShare as community has its origins in circles working on topics like Collaborative Consumption & Production. This event will have a strong presence of Makers and we could coordinate together raising awareness about the importance of this movement and its consequent emergent economy!

It’s time to have fun! Let’s embrace the community spirit by doing something together.

This is not about the high level of digital fabrication itself but about the creative spirit of all the people involved.

The event is coordinated by Christopher Santerre, Justyna Swat and the FabLab community.