Frequently Asked Questions



Q//How does the FabLab Luxembourg work?

A// We mainly work by providing memberships to users. Memberships give users access to all tools and machines (see Membership page). We also provide workshops to teach users how to use the machines and related tools like 3D modelling. In addiction, each last Saturday of each month, a Open Access sessions happens, allowing users to discover the FabLab and use the machines for free.

Q// Is it possible to visit the FabLab?

A// Yes! During the Open Access. Please check out our calendar before visiting us. Sometimes the lab is closed for maintenance, external activities or holidays.


Q// Do you provide materials?

A// We provide material to be used in our 3D printers and vinyl paper for the vinyl cutter. For all the other types of material (wood, plexiglass, etc), user must bring their own.


Q// Is the Open Access payed?

A// No. Open Access  is complimentary but some conditions apply: to be autonomous, sharing the processes and results of your project with the community (no confidential project), clean the machines after having used them.

Q// Should I come to one of the Open Access Sessions or should I schedule an appointment?

A// You can come to the Open Access and present us the project or contact us via email. If the project is not eligible for Open Access, we will offer other alternative solutions.

Q// Can I reserve a machine for an Open Access Session?

A// No. we don’t do reservations. first come-first served!

Q// Can the FabLab Staff help me during Open Access?

A// We give tips & tricks on how to operate the tools but you have to be autonomous. The lab staff won’t build your project (or generate gcodes for CNC machines).

3D Printing

Q// Which softwares and file formats can i use for 3D modeling?

A// You can use any kind of CAD software (AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3DStudioMax, Cinema4D, Rhinoceros and so on), at the lab we use Rhino5, for printing or milling the best file format is .stl (STereoLithography).

Q// What is material for 3D printing and the precision of the printer?

A// Our 3D printer is a FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machine that uses plastic filaments (ABS or PLA) . The highest layer resolution of our 3D printer (MakerBot Replicator 1) is 100µ = 0.10 mm

Laser Cutting

Q// Which file formats and materials do i need for laser cutting?

A// The supported files for laser cutting are .dxf, .pdf, .ai, .eps (vectorial files). If you want to engrave a picture on a specific material, it’s possible to raster an image with a .jpg or a .bmp file.

With our 60w CO₂ laser cuttter you can cut and engrave on cardboard, paper, wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic (PMMA), up to 10mm; textiles, leather, foam. You can engrave on metals (except for copper), mirror and glass as well, but our machine cannot cut them.

IMPORTANT: No chloride plastics are allowed because of its toxicity.