• Diogo Lança posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    // Website Update 1.1


    – Portfolio feature added – Add projects with links and pictures of your work done in the lab.

    -Anti-spam tools added – Only real members with a correct attitude can use this platform.

    -Members tab in top toolbar – Makes it easier for users to find and befriend other users.

    -Subscriber Approval – Admin needs to approve new subscribers.

    Any feedback and suggestions? Comment down below

    • Hi Alain,
      Here below, some questions:
      Are you a FabLab user? Did you ever visit us?
      What motivates you to join the online community?
      FYI, this is a platform to publish projects made in our FabLabs, by FabLab users/members.
      Thanks for your understanding and of course, for your feedback.
      Best regards,
      (FabLab Manager)