May 21, 2013

Mini Maker Faire Kerkrade (7 & 8 Sept)

Mini Maker Faire Kerkrade

Mini Maker Faire Kerkrade – Meuse-Rhine Euregion

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 September in Discovery Center Continium

What is a Maker?

Everyone is a ‘maker’ and has the ability to produce or create something himself, to come up with new ideas and realize them. Nowadays, people have access to technology and knowledge via the internet so they increasingly try to create things at home. ‘Makers’ devise clever things to make life easier. They do so either by themselves or with the help of others. Regardless if it is about producing LED dragonflies out of connectors, designing and producing individual buttons, playing with Lego or copying their faces in 3D, it can all be done. A ‘maker’ is someone who makes something, it may be sensible or absurd, but it will always be something creative. The concept originally comes from the USA, where Maker Faires have been known since 2006. At the first Mini Maker Faire Kerkrade you can explore your makership during one of the workshops, or stroll along a great variety of stands to enjoy the innovative ideas of the many makers present.

Mini Maker Faire Kerkrade

A Maker Faire is an event for all age groups at which technology fans, amateurs, parents, handymen, inquisitive people, creative people, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists and students come together. All these ‘makers’ come to a Maker Faire to show what they have produced and to share what they have learnt. The visitors are invited to create something together with the ‘makers’. The DIY-principle is the main thing. Together with the experts visitors can achieve a lot during the region’s first Maker Faire: the Mini Maker Faire Kerkrade – Meuse-Rhine Euregion. Make nice, new things with the help of experienced ‘makers’ and discover your hidden talents. The Faire is both for children and grown-ups. We are all ‘makers’!

Taking part

Your curiosity has been aroused and you would like to participate as a ‘maker’ in the Maker Faire Kerkrade? Apply via State your name, age, address and what you would like to do. Taking part as a ‘maker’ is free. Not only ‘makers’ are welcome to participate, we are also looking for volunteers to supervise workshops, to man information points, to set up and dismantle stands, etc. etc. Applications for these activities can also be made via the above email address. Check our Facebook page for the latest news. Practical information for visitors The Maker Faire Kerkrade will be held in Discovery Center Continium on 7 and 8 September from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs (you can get to the Continium easily by car or public transport). During the workshops visitors will mainly ‘look’ with their hands. Admission for the event is free, if you have a ticket for the Continium (go to for information about admission fees). You will, however, be asked to register. After registration you will receive a wristband and a floor plan. The wristband allows you to take part in the workshops. Information on the event will be put on the Facebook page of the Mini Maker Faire Kerkrade – Euregio Maas-Rijn. In case you have further questions, please send us an email at