April 15, 2013

Official Opening / Schedule (April 23rd)


• Part I
– 19:30 – Fab Lab Luxembourg – Rodolfo Baïz
– 19:45 – BeNe[Lux] Fab Labs – Ton Zijlstra
– 20:05 – Fab Lab Barcelona – Tomás Diez
• Part II
– 20:30 – Lunch / drink
• Part III
– 20:35 – Visit of the Fab Lab – Group 1
– 20:45 – Visit of the Fab Lab – Group 2
– 20:55 – Visit of the Fab Lab – Group 3
– 21:05 – Visit of the Fab Lab – Group 4


We are very pleased to invite you to join us for the Official Opening of the Fab Lab Luxembourg within the Technoport, located at Esch/Belval. During this event two members of our international Advisory Board will be holding a couple of short lectures in order to give a clearer idea about the concept behind FabLabs. Tomás Diez is the Fab Lab Barcelona Director and Fab Academy coordinator, and Ton Zijlstra was the chairman of the Fab Lab Foundation for the BeNeLux. Today, Fab Lab Luxembourg is part of the global network of Fab Labs [].We are strongly willing to show you the available facilities and equipment already installed in our locals to share knowledge and experiences, stimulate people’s creativity and materialize any kind of ideas. This is just the beginning of an open prototyping platform that enables a great multidisciplinary and intergenerational dynamic.